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For freedom seekers, healers, yogis, counsellors, nannies, childminders, SENCO, teachers, coaches, home educators, and all those raising children who understand the importance of going within.

"This isn’t something they learn at school but it’s a vital skill for life. With Intuitive Learning, children don’t have to feel wrong, alone or waste their precious energy anxiously wishing they were like the others. They don't have to scroll, Google or search outside of them, because they can learn to go within and know, like and trust themselves."

Hello I'm Lisa! You might know me as The Smiley Coach. It is my one true wish for all children to grow up knowing the magic that already lives inside of them.

I understand the peace that comes from feeling comfortable, happy and confident in your own skin, because I have also known the darkness of chronic self-doubt and anxiety. I wished somebody had taught me growing up. 

So, I created Intuitive Learning. For over a decade I’ve helped make growing up easier for hundreds of children (age 7 +). I guide them beyond their struggle, by teaching them creative problem solving and practical ways to feel good . 

I passionately believe that it’s my job and yours to shine a light on every child’s inner magic and guide them to go within. I’d like to invite you to join my community of Intuitive Learners & Guides.  Let's come together and  inject the world with more empathy, kindness and magic for the next generation. 

Lisa Parkes, The Smiley Coach
Intuitive Educator, Life Long Learner, Author & Creative Doodlebug.

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Join hundreds of intuitive learners and educators by tuning into the Truly Madly Smiley Podcast where you can begin learning how to feel gorgeous from the inside out. It won't be long before you activate your inner smile. 

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Smiley Guarantee:
All packs have a 7 day no-questions-asked Money Back Guarantee.
If your child doesn't love the course or refuses point blank to get engaged – I’ll refund your money with no hard feelings.

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Everybody is watching the same content, but having their own unique experience.

 "Even though I've heard good things about you (!), I have to admit that I was skeptical at first - I felt reassured that there was a guarantee and I got my money back if it didn't work. Oh was I surprised! My kids were actually asking to watch you on the iPad.Never have I been happier for them to have more screen time. I like the way you keep updating the packs. We've done ours twice now and had so many good conversations. I feel closer to them knowing that I understand their worlds a little deeper. I can see how much that means to them too. When they're happy, I am happy!"

Mum to Wildheartt twins Joshua & Rosie

 "We took your advice and listened to the Truly Madly Smiley podcast first - it was an instant hit! My kids got used to your voice. It's actually become part of their bed time routine and helps them to settle quicker. Naturally, the next step was to try one of the packs. My daughter loves to doodle and listen whereas my son is more focused on the screen and answers all your questions. I think they will want to meet you eventually, so we will book one of your private sessions soon. I've learnt so much myself and found myself wishing I'd had a Smiley when I was growing up. Thanks so much!" 

Mum to an adorable anonymous Wildheart

"Your name gets mentioned  a fair bit in our house! 'What would Smiley say?' It's lovely to see my son working out his stuff on his own. We chose a journal and he draws it all out just like you've taught him and then brings it to me. We talk it through and I can see how he is growing in confidence the more he can come to his own conclusions. Sometimes he writes me notes and it's a great way for us to have those difficult conversations. I've taken a step backward. I'm less worried and I definitely like your idea of asking more questions and lecturing less. It works!"

Less Worried Mum to Wildheart Jacob

"We started off with a box of Smiley Thought Cards and it just grew from there really. Both my girls have taken to learning in this way rather easily. In fact, often my eldest daughter will come and ask me if she can listen to you. We've stuck all our artwork up around the mirror in her bedroom and I can see how slowly but surely she is starting to smile more and get less fixated on what used to worry her before. I think what you teach is brilliant and so important for kids and parents. It should be taught in all schools."

Happy Mum to Wildheart Amelia

Smiley on the Go!

Smiley's Intuitive Learning Den is easy to use and optimised to play back on any device.Learning essential life skills has never been more fun. It's definitely a much better use of your screen time too!

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Lose the Overwhelm!

Start where you are. Learn at the pace you want. Fit it in around your busy schedule. Bite sized lessons which you can repeat over and over until you internalise and make them part of your life.

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Easy, Practical & Fun!

Smiley makes coaching fun and easy for everybody. Smiley is with you via engaging videos sharing tried and tested content from her coaching clients. There are also printable work books, audios, fun activities and practical advice.

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