30-Day Journaling Experience 'You Got the Love'

For Highly Sensitives committed to loving themselves fiercely, connecting with their heart's desire & strengthening their intuition.

You Got the Love is a simple & easy 30-day journaling experience that shows you how to love your highly sensitive (HSP) self, so you feel more like you again! It will give you practical tools to deepen your connection with yourself, dissolve self-doubt, and find your authentic voice.

Hello. I'm Lisa. I'm an HSP Intuitive Coach & Writer. I want to show you how to create a consistent and healing journal practice so you can feel most like YOU! 
I developed this technique quite by accident because I resisted meditation - I could not sit still for that long and wished I could find an off-switch for my busy brain. I'd scroll on my phone for some light relief from the endless stream of negativity and FEAR rattling around my head. 

I'd lay awake at night ruminating over my MISTAKESDesperate for some peace and quiet, I began to write it all down. They say you should distract yourself from your NEGATIVE thoughts.... but it's NOT true.....they multiply and speed up when they stay locked inside.

When I started journaling, the thought looping stopped. Life got easierI started to see myself differently. I was KINDER and more PATIENT with myself. I want that for you too!

So, if you’re feeling unsure of yourself, and you’ve lost your sparkle, or you worry that  the Universe has forgotten your order…DON’T despair!

You can ALWAYS rewrite your story!
Even if your spirit feels crushed, pick up a pen. 
Writing heals.

Writing is a channel for your true feelings that will dissolve self-doubt and uncover your CONFIDENT inner voice, so you can get back to who you really are!

Take back your power & become the author of your HSP life!

Journaling is one of the most powerful coaching and self-development tools - particularly for highly sensitives who are natural self-reflectors and process life on a much deeper level. And even better: you can learn in just 30 days!

I can't wait to teach you how in just 10 minutes a day, with only a pen and paper, you can find that huge RELIEF. You'll feel better about yourself when you prioritise yourself. Yes, that's right you have to stop putting everybody first. Start with 10 minutes and watch it grow! 

You'll also find more .... PEACE.

That's the place I'm always trying to get back to when life becomes stressful & overwhelming. 

Journaling silences that constant hum of negative thinking. 
Journaling is a simple act of SELF-LOVE

Journaling helps you RELEASE your angsty thoughts. Journaling make sense of your feelings and joins the dots.

Journaling strengthens your inner voice. You grow in CONFIDENCE and you feel more love and kindness for yourself... 
You remember what matters most to YOU
 ... without feeling GUILTY, bad or selfish.

Commit to 10 minutes a day for 30 days & find your way back to you!


Get Inspired

You'll receive a daily card and audio prompt to connect you back to your heart's desires. Tune into your body and listen to your feelings.



It's time to put yourself first. Just 10 minutes of journaling every day will strengthen your relationship with yourself. 


Love Yourself

Choose a love note for yourself and get clarity on what feels right for you. It's time to give yourself permission to live life on your terms.

"THANK YOU for creating something so easy and yet brilliant! I got more out of this than the 6 weeks of talk therapy I've just completed."

"I never stick to anything. I didn't think I'd do it every day. I'm so pleased I did. It's been AMAZING - really worth it!"

"This is such a profound experience. I've reached a place of ACCEPTANCE about who I am and I'm finally LOVING myself."

"WOW! Life Changing! This has been the gateway to me that I have been looking for!"

"It felt good to prioritise my own needs. It's given me the STRENGTH to put myself first."

Is this gentle 30-day SELF-LOVE journal experience for YOU?

❤   You're patient and KIND to everybody ... except yourself.

❤    You're exhausted taking care of everybody else, close to BURN OUT, your needs go unmet.

   You find it hard to say 'NO', but you're longing for more time to yourself.

   You doubt yourself if something goes wrong, or automatically assume it's YOUR FAULT.

   You beat yourself up and feel TERRIBLE if you forget something, or make a MISTAKE.

   You say 'I don't mind', or 'I don't know' when people ask you what you need or what you want.

   You compare yourself to other people, often feeling like you're NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

   You cringe at COMPLIMENTS, and are suspicious of people who are nice to you for no reason.

❤     You CRITICISE yourself instead of noticing your wins and taking credit for all that you do.

   You worry about what other people think of you. You fear their judgement and CRITICISM.

   You hold yourself to IMPOSSIBLE standards and want everything to be 'perfect.'

   You're fed up with your negative, critical and SHAMING internal chatter. Please make it STOP! 

   You're unsure of yourself and seek advice, answers and APPROVAL from others. 

   You find MEDITATION tricky, AFFIRMATIONS don't work, and you wonder why everybody else finds it so easy.

It's definitely NOT for you if you don't want to love yourself more!

It took me YEARS to PUT MYSELF FIRST. It's very likely long overdue for you too. It's about damn time that you cultivated a deeper connection with yourself. It's time to get to know yourself through loving, kind eyes.

It's time to become your own best friend and treat yourself with as much loving KINDNESS and SELF-COMPASSION as you treat everybody else! It's time to spend some quality time with yourself every day as an act of self-care. 

If you start today, imagine where you'll be in 30 days time. You won't regret a single minute! I promise.

You'll get 30 days of self-love & journaling MAGIC worth over £300
👇 Look at all the WONDERFUL stuff you get! 

1 - Inspiration & Motivation(value £97)

You'll have sooooo much FUN learning my tried & tested, SUPER powerful journaling technique that has helped me dissolve DEPRESSION, calm my anxiety and get in touch with my intuition.
every day for 30 days, you'll receive your self-love journal prompt it will be an oracle card with reflection questions and an audio message from me. 
 then it's over to you for 5-10 minutes of free-fall journaling.

2 - ❤ Accountability Check-In (priceless)

There's no change without action! You will:
▪ get a SELF-LOVE TRACKER so you can proudly tick each day off as you go
have fun filling out the DAILY CHECK-IN QUIZ (I'll know if you miss a day! 😉)  
be invited to SHARE your journaling experience

3 - 4 Self-Love Workshop Replays (value £197)

Get the support you deserve on your self-love journey. I'll SHARE with you all the practical ways I've learned to LOVE my HSP/Empath self, during the last two decades of healing from anxiety, depression and PTSD. 

🌼  #1| Redefining Self-Love on your Terms
You'll learn how to use this quick and easy visualisation technique that will expand your capacity to let more love in. You'll also receive the script for a powerful energy tapping exercise that will remove any blocks that are in the way of you receiving all the love you deserve.

🌼  #2 | Self-Care Brainstorm for the Busy 

A brilliant and inspiring brainstorm for all the ways that you can take care of you. These practical ideas go beyond bubble baths and manicures. So you know how to soothe your soul when life gets overwhelming and stressful.

🌼  #3 | Learning to Love All of You 
You'll learn exactly what to do on those days when you're beating yourself up, and give yourself permission to be a messy human. We'll deep dive into the workings of your negative spiraling mind, including your inner and outer critics that keep you stuck in the hell that is perfectionism.

🌼  #4  | Celebrating More Self-Love 
In this beautiful rose-filled, emotional closing ceremony, we acknowledge the importance of self-celebration as a way to build self-trust. You'll learn how to really see yourself instead of looking for approval in the eyes of all the wrong people.   

Since completing 'You Got the Love', I've been SLEEPING so much better, really deep sleeps - not struggling to get to sleep at all and not waking in the night either which is AMAZING! I have also noticed that my SOCIAL ANXIETY has decreased. I’m coming away from things feeling ok and happy to just be me and definitely less TRIGGERED by life in general. For the first time in my healing journey, I've understood what you meant by the space after the work that allows your body to process, heal and catch up with your brain. I can remember seeing your posts about the power in your pen and having no idea what that would look like and now I’m truly seeing and feeling this. Thank you! 

❤ - 4 You Got the Love
downloadable JOURNAL (worth £27)

custom-made for you, it's gorgeous
with nearly 100 pages 
to write your heart out and you can't buy it anywhere else! 

Don't you just love opening a brand new shiny journal?
It's the perfect way to start your SELF-LOVE journey

This is THE ONE! This will be the journal you actually finish! 
No more staring at the pages stressing about what to write. 

If you're a stationery addict like me, you'll appreciate the pretty pages I've lovingly created! 😉 

There are also fancy PERMISSION SLIPS and LOVE NOTES to encourage you and cheer you on as you develop your own journal practice. 

You can DOWNLOAD this gorgeous journal to a digital app for your tablet, or you can PRINT it off and scribble in the old fashioned way

"Lisa, a special word of thanks for the gorgeous journal you put together, which enhanced the entire experience for me. I also loved the "love notes" and they are coming into my mental storehouse of ideas. I really loved the journal." - Ann Marie

What's it really like to journal for 30 days in a row! 👇

This is such a worthwhile, profound experience. I've reached a place of ACCEPTANCE about who I am and finally LOVING myself.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the energy of this group. I went back to read what I wrote on the first day and cried. I can defintely see that my self- awareness has grown. Whilst I'm so proud that I've completed the 30 days, and gotten to know myself on a deeper level, I also feel sad it's coming to an end (I hate goodbyes!). The structure of this course is what works for me - it SUPPORTS me. I'm productive, moving forward and HEALING. I'm so grateful and appreciative of everyone. Being part of this group is so lovely and VALIDATING. Being able to comfortably join in, in a SAFE space, and learn from one another really makes the experience more POWERFUL and MOTIVATING." 

You Got the Love

You've opened my eyes to how I define SELF-LOVE differently now. THANK YOU Lisa!
"I have come to realise how PRECIOUS life really is and what LOVE means for me. I know that the people who truly care will love me no matter how I choose to live. 
Life won't be about bending myself to fit other people's boxes anymore.

Stephanie is preparing to break out of the 
PRISON she was put in as a child. This is HUGE and has been a long time in the making. I think Lisa's reading, done at the end of last year, is coming to fruition and all these things have been steering me to this point in my life! Thank you Lisa, you know how I struggled with understanding that and the events that happened but it's so much clearer now!"

You Got the Love

I'm better off using my time to journal for 10 minutes, than wasting days lost in overthinking!

"I was surprised how tired I was to start with. My brain had been stuck on a loop trying to solve things and figure them out. Through the journaling, I got in touch with a WISE KNOWING PRESENCE that saw the bigger picture. It could effortlessly and quickly put the pieces together – such a RELIEF. It was fun and it gave me a precious chance to have some time with myself. I had room to BREATHE again. It’s great to have the tips and prompts. I loved the Gestalt Therapy techniques. Thank you for the invaluable gift of sharing your journaling knowledge and experience."

Journal in your Jammies 

I don't consider myself to be creative. 
Way out of my comfort zone. It blew my mind! 

"I’ve never been one to journal, and I’m not confident in groups either but this was completely different! I started out FEELING STUCK and frozen out from my feelingsI was LOST and OVERWHELMED with no sense of what I needed. Lisa’s guidance and techniques made it possible for me to offload. I had no idea that what came out onto the paper was even in my head. It was amazing how I was able to make sense of my feelings. I left feeling CONNECTED AND LIGHTER. Such a cathartic, peaceful space which is non-challenging and allows room for self-discovery. Thank you Lisa!"

Journal in your Jammies

So HAPPY to meet my wise self hiding under all my thoughts. A beautiful breath of fresh air!

"What a beautiful experience. Through the journaling, I was able to connect to a different, much wiser part of myself. Like a close friend who is always there, but who I am not always aware of. It felt so freeing to go beyond my habitual thoughts and create this sacred space. There was time to STOP & BREATHE. It made me SO HAPPY. How REASSURING to know she is there for me whenever I open my journal. I loved getting to know her better, and I'm integrating her presence into my all of my life." 

Journal in your Jammies 

Necessary SELF-CARE! Not just lighter for releasing stress, but a deep sense of CALM.
"I'd been really looking forward to some time just for me. I realised I hadn’t done any long form journaling for 8 months and it was good to have the space to do this again. I picked up some new journaling tools and felt deeply calm as I wrote. It was a very physical SENSE OF PEACE in my chest. I definitely unloaded the stresses and strains of the day. Afterwards, I felt PROUD that I'd done something positive, enjoyable and necessary for myself."

Journal in your Jammies

More PEACE. Less JUDGEMENT! Forgiveness for myself & others!

"I was judging myself on NEGATIVE self-beliefs and felt I had to be working HARD to be valued and seen.I was pushing myself constantly to be doing and thinking what if...I have learnt how to manage my critics, and will continue working on them. I've forgiven some of the hurts received and forgiven myself for those I have given. I feel more at PEACE."

Meeting myself for the FIRST time.

"Learning to journal has opened a gateway into ‘me’ that is life changing. In 30 days I know myself better, have learnt to listen to the ‘right’ voices and have found kindness and compassion for myself where it wasn’t before. Such a beautiful group of people where it felt totally safe to be vulnerable. Thank you Lisa, your guidance, kindness and validation is a remarkable gift that I am very grateful for. I LOVED this!"

I felt stuck & AFRAID of getting old, but found out how BRAVE & strong I am!

Just love this course, it’s truly ENLIGHTENING and life enriching. I have learned to journal out my feelings and give myself COMPASSION for mistakes I have made. I am kinder to myself. I have a better understanding of who I am, where I want to be, and who I want to be with for the next adventure of my life. Looking forward to the future with so much JOY!"

Enrich Your HSP Life & Sign Up Today!

You Got the Love | 30-Day Journal Experience

Deepen your connection with your HSP/ Empath self, and grow more self-love in your heart.

  • learn my fun & easy journaling technique.
  • daily audio with your self-love journal prompt for 30 days.
  • daily check-in to keep you on track.
  • gorgeous custom made printable 'You Got the Love' journal. 
  • 4 self-love class replays that will teach you how to create a self-care plan that works, overcome perfectionism, negative thinking and allow more love into you life, instead of pushing it away or thinking it's not for you. These classes are made for people who have a brutal inner and outer critic that won't let in the good stuff!

Why is learning with Lisa for you, as a highly sensitive soul?

Learning with Lisa is NOT like going back to school.

"You're so GENEROUS with your time and what you have shared Lisa. Thank you. It's genius the way you hold the energy of the group too. You take us to vulnerable places with SAFETY and limitless COMPASSION, but you're also HILARIOUS - I'm laughing out loud right now!"

Imagine learning from somebody who:

❤ has provided emotional support and relief to thousands of sensitive souls living with chronic anxiety without telling them to 'think happy thoughts', or 'just meditate'. (I simply cannot meditate - journaling is my meditation. It quietens my mind and relaxes my body).

❤ has 15 years experience of journaling to heal from childhood trauma and has an 
eclectic creative toolkit, including Gestalt therapy techniques for powerful self-expression. It's time to speak up and find your voice! 

knows how to help you access your hopes, dreams and desires. As well as how to deal with that nasty inner critic (mean girl voice) that is holding you back.

❤ is a trauma survivor, Little Miss Chatterbox & has a deep Scorpio Moon - there isn't anything you can't ask her about the darkest parts of life. I leave NO stone unturned. I'm on this healing journey with you and I'm in it for the long haul.
❤ used to work with sensitive kids and will spontaneously hug you with Mr. Tickle arms through the screen when you cry.  

❤ is a highly sensitive introvert who loves dancing and talking about energy, astrology, inner child work and self-love on her podcast.... and then has to go and lie down with a hot water bottle and blanket to recover.

❤ has successfully created and delivered self-development workshops online and in person since 2010.

❤ wants you to feel good about yourself as often as possible and will never ever expect you to be perfect (you can't get journaling wrong!).

❤ is Jessica Fletcher's #1 fan, and has also written a book, Stuck Between Two Worlds, which has brought joy to children, and validation to hurt and lost inner children, all over the world.

❤ is also highly intuitive, a little bit psychic and obsessive about journaling with tarot and oracle cards. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all, this journal experience is for all levels. Everybody will start in a different space and everybody will take what they need from it. What helps is if you like writing and enjoy self-reflection. Many Wildhearts I work with consider themselves 'not creative' at all, and they are usually the ones who surprise themselves. We're all creative but it's like a muscle that needs regular exercise. If you have learning difficulties, may I suggest rambling instead of writing. You can record yourself responding to the journal prompts into a Google Doc. It's a great way to get your words onto the page. What's inside of you must come out of you! If you'd like to experience what it's like to work with me in a group setting, join my friendly and fun, free community 'Journal in your Jammies' where you'll meet other sensitive Wildhearts who are committed to prioritising their emotional wellbeing.

Short answer: Yes! You will have lifetime access to the course for as long as it's available.  Long answer: Really, there's no such thing as being left behind. You do this at your own pace - I want you to enjoy it! If you miss a day or two, nobody gets into trouble. Journaling is about self-expression and freedom to bring yourself to the page in a way that feels good to you. Make it fit around your life and work for you. This is your opportunity to carve out a journal practice on your terms.

Short answer: 15 minutes a day, or 2.5 hours a week. Long answer: Your journal prompt for each day is an audio which is no longer than 5 minutes. Then you'll need at least 10 minutes a day to complete the free-fall writing. You can choose to write for less time or longer if you want to! My approach is relaxed and gentle, so if you miss a day, this is not an opportunity to beat yourself up. You just pick it up again the next day. Make it fit around your life and work for you. This is your opportunity to carve out a journal practice on your terms.

No. I do not offer refunds.

Personally, I have been journaling for years. I love writing and have written a book (Stuck Between Two Worlds). My work has a therapeutic element to it. I am trained in a Gestalt-based approach to creative writing. I have also done inner child work as part of my recovering from childhood trauma. All this provides deeper self-reflection and a channel for creative expression.

My journal is an essential part of my toolkit for getting back in touch with my inner world when life gets stressful and busy. As an HSP and survivor of C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), I was often overwhelmed by self-doubt and confusion. I still am sometimes! I couldn't switch off my mind and I was so tired! I felt bad that I couldn't meditate, but then I found journaling. My journal coaching is intuitive and through the lens of a sensitive soul who is client-centred and compassionate.

No problem! Send an email over to lisa@smileyforlife.com. I'll get back to you within 1-2 business days.