You Got The Love

30 days to deepen your connection with yourself & infuse your life with more self-love.

“The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that’s just fabulous.”  – Carrie Bradshaw.

It's impossible to love yourself, until you've met yourself truly, madly, deeply! 

"To be loved is to be seen & known. Getting to know yourself is the same as nurturing any other intimate relationship. You spend quality time creating memories together. You share what's on your mind, you listen, and you're there for one another. Over time, your bond strengthens, you build trust and respect. That's why I'm a huge fan of journaling. It's how you make time for those all-important conversations between you and you. It's a release! It's a simple act of self-love that takes you away from the chaos of busy life. Through daily chats on the page, you notice how you're feeling, you listen to your inner voice, and you remember what matters most to you... without feeling guilty, bad or selfish. Journaling silences that constant hum of negative thinking. Imagine feeling at peace with that? I think that's the place I'm trying to get back to when life becomes stressful and overwhelming. My journal is part of my healing toolkit, and a necessary part of my well-being."   
Lisa Parkes

Is this gentle 30-day self-love journal experience for you?

❤   You're patient, kind and considerate to everybody ... except yourself.
❤    You're exhausted taking care of everybody else, close to burn out, your needs go unmet.
   You find it hard to say 'no', but you're longing for more time to yourself.
   You doubt yourself if something goes wrong, or automatically assume it's your fault.
   You beat yourself up and feel terrible if you forget something, or make a mistake.
   You say 'I don't mind', or 'I don't know' when people ask you what you need or what you want.
   You compare yourself to other people, often feeling like you're not good enough.
   You cringe at compliments, and are suspicious of people who are nice to you for no reason.
❤     You tend to criticise yourself instead of noticing your wins and taking credit for all that you do.
   You worry about what other people think of you. You fear their judgement and criticism.
   You hold yourself to impossible standards and want everything to be 'perfect.'
   You're fed up with your negative, critical and shaming internal chatter. Please make it STOP! 
   You're unsure of yourself and seek advice, answers and approval from others. 
   You find meditation or relaxation difficult, and wonder why everybody else finds it so easy.

Let me tell you - there is nothing wrong with you! It's about damn time (thanks Lizzo!), or maybe it's long overdue to foster a deeper connection with yourself. It's time to get to know yourself through loving, kind eyes. It's time to become your own best friend and treat yourself with as much loving kindness and self-compassion as you treat everybody else! It's time to spend 30 days of guided journaling as an act of self-care.

What you will get:

Over 30 days, you'll learn my fun & easy journaling approach to deepen your connection with yourself and grow more self-love in your heart. You'll get:

❤ daily email with a video of your self-love journaling prompt.
❤ daily check-in to keep you on track with your journaling.
❤ printable 'You Got the Love' journal with love notes & guidance.
❤ 4 weekly live group coaching calls with Lisa where you'll be invited to ask questions and learn something new to support your self-love journey.

🌼  #1 Thurs 8th June Redefining Self-Love on your Terms. Live Q&A with Lisa 
🌼  #2 Thurs 15th June Self-Care Brainstorm for the Busy Live Q&A with Lisa 
🌼  #3 Thurs 22nd June Learning to Love All of You. Live Q&A with Lisa
🌼  #4 Thurs 29th June Celebrating More Self-Love. Live Q&A with Lisa

❤ gentle encouragement from a community of kind, sensitive like-minded souls.

I asked my 'Journal in your Jammies' crew - a bunch of lovely sensitive souls who gather together every month to journal by candlelight with me - what their experience of my journal coaching was like. This is what they said ... 👇

 "In the first piece of journaling, I was surprised to discover that my brain had been really tired coming into it. The brain muscle was tired of all the thinking I’d done last week trying to solve things and figure them out. Through the free-writing, I got in touch with a wise knowing presence that sees and interprets a bigger picture. It could effortlessly put pieces together – not like all the tiresome thinking I had been caught up in. The session was fun and it gave me a precious chance to have time with myself and breathe. Thank you for the invaluable gift of sharing your own knowledge and journaling experience. It’s great to have the tips and prompts, and to hear about what you learned recently on your Gestalt Therapy course."

Journal in your Jammies 

"I’ve never been one to journal, or considered myself creative. I’m not great in a group situation either, so this was slightly out of my comfort zone! I joined the group feeling stuck and frozen with no sense of what I felt, or what I needed. Lisa’s guidance and techniques made it possible for me to offload. I had no idea that what came out onto the paper was even in my head. I made sense of my feelings and left feeling connected and lighter. Such a cathartic, peaceful space which is non-challenging and allows room for self-discovery. Thank you Lisa!" 

Journal in your Jammies

 "I loved that I was able to access a layer of myself underneath my habitual thoughts. It felt freeing and lovely. A little like a breath of fresh air that created space. This is where I met  ‘myself’, a ‘self’, a close friend, who is always there with me, living life with me every day, but who I do not normally meet. This was beautiful and something new that the journalling facilitated. Meeting that self in the session, and giving her time to breathe and speak made me happy. It reassured me that there is a wise presence there always. I left realising that it would help tremendously to get to know her better, and integrate her presence into my life and consciousness.

Journal in your Jammies 

 "I had been really looking forward to some time just for me. I realised I hadn’t done any long form journalling for 8 months and it was good to have the space to do this again. I picked up some new tools and felt deeply calm during the session. It was a very physical sense of calmness (maybe peace or contentment) that I could feel in my chest. I definitely felt I had unloaded the stresses and strains of the day.  I felt really good afterwards. I felt lighter and as though I want to journal some more. I also felt pride that I had done something positive, enjoyable and necessary for myself."

Journal in your Jammies

Choose Your Self-Love Journal Experience

You Got the Love | 30 Day Journal Experience

Learn my fun & easy journaling approach. Deepen your connection with yourself, and grow more self-love in your heart.

  • daily video with your self-love journal prompt for 30 days.
  • daily check-in to keep you on track with your journaling.
  • printable 'You Got the Love' journal with prompts, love notes & guidance.
  • 4 weekly group coaching calls with Lisa.
  • encouragement from a community of kind, sensitive like-minded souls.

You Got the Love | VIP Experience

Need some extra support? Get everything included in the standard journal experience PLUS

  • 4-weeks of Whatsapp coaching via voice notes and texts. Ask me questions specific to your personal situation, get journaling pep talks & my eyes on your journal entries for intuitive insights.
  • Unlock Your Magic1:1 Coaching Session (60 mins) that will help you turn down the volume on your noisy mind and tune into your intuition. This is not me giving you the answers, but finding the answers that are in perfect alignment with your soul’s desire. (worth £97 - more details here).

Frequently Asked Questions

We kick off on Thursday 1st June 2023. The live journal experience with Lisa runs for 30 days up until 30th June 2023. The weekly group coaching calls will be every Thursday at 7.30pm. Put these dates in you diary: 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th June.

I don't blame you - I only hang out there for work! 😉 I think you can, but it would be a slightly different experience. The group coaching calls will be recorded and uploaded to the course platform. Here, on the course platform, you'll also find space to ask questions and leave comments. You will be fully supported by me in this way, but you won't be part of the conversation in the private Facebook group.

Not at all, this journal experience is for all levels. Everybody will start in a different space and everybody will take what they need from it. What helps is if you like writing and enjoy self-reflection. Many Wildhearts I work with consider themselves 'not creative' at all, and they are usually the ones who surprise themselves. We're all creative but it's like a muscle that needs regular exercise. If you have learning difficulties, may I suggest rambling instead of writing. You can record yourself responding to the journal prompts into a Google Doc. It's a great way to get your words onto the page. What's inside of you must come out of you! If you'd like to experience what it's like to work with me in a group setting, join my friendly and fun, free community 'Journal in your Jammies' where you'll meet other sensitive Wildhearts who are committed to prioritising their emotional well-being.

Short answer: Yes! Everything will be recorded. You will have access to the course for longer than 30 days. Long answer: Really, there's no such thing as being left behind. You do this at your own pace - I want you to enjoy it! If you miss a day or two, nobody gets into trouble. Journaling is about self-expression and freedom to bring yourself to the page in a way that feels good to you. Make it fit around your life and work for you. This is your opportunity to carve out a journal practice on your terms.

Short answer: 15 minutes a day, or 2.5 hours a week. Long answer: Your journal prompt for each day is a video which is no longer than 5 minutes. Then you'll need at least 10 minutes a day to complete the free-fall writing. You can choose to write for less time or longer if you want to! The weekly group coaching calls are about 30-45 minutes. These calls will be on a Thursday at 7.30pm. My approach is relaxed and gentle, so if you miss a day, this is not an opportunity to beat yourself up. You just pick it up again the next day. Make it fit around your life and work for you. This is your opportunity to carve out a journal practice on your terms.

Yes. For those people that can't make the live calls, the replays will be uploaded here on the course platform. I will name check people by their first name only.

I don't know at this point if I will run You Got the Love live in the near future. It depends on my schedule and if I feel inspired to do so. 

My journal is an essential part of my toolkit for getting back in touch with my inner world when life gets stressful and busy. As an HSP and survivor of C-PTSD (complex post traumatic stress disorder), I was often overwhelmed by self-doubt and confusion. I still am sometimes! I couldn't switch off my mind and I was so tired! I felt bad that I couldn't meditate, but then I found journaling. My journal coaching is intuitive and through the lens of a sensitive soul who is client-centred and compassionate. If you'd like to experience what it's like to work with me in a group setting, join my friendly and fun, free community 'Journal in your Jammies' where you'll meet other sensitive Wildhearts who are committed to prioritising their emotional well-being.

No problem! Send an email over to I'll get back to you within 1-2 business days. Or you can book yourself in for a free chat, my diary is below 👇

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Lisa Parkes

Lisa Parkes is an Intuitive Healer & Mentor who helps Wildhearts honour their sensitive naturewithout the nagging self-doubt and anxiety. She began coaching children in 2010, and what started out as a creative passion project, and an unconscious desire to be the person she needed growing up, turned into a catalyst for her own healing. Lisa now works with women, helping them to get back in touch with their playfulness, creativity, and find inner peace as they break free from generational patterns of conditioning. She loves to journal with tarot cards and is the author of 'Stuck Between Two Worlds'. You're most likely to find her dancing around her kitchen, talking about astrology, energy, spirit guides, or planning her next adventure. You can find Lisa on Instagram @lisawildheart or on the interwebs