Dear Wildheart (highly sensitive Empath) have you hit a bump in the road on your healing path?
Perhaps you feel exhausted and overwhelmed by how much there is to learn.

 To make it easier I've created 'Get Your Sparkle Back' - a mini coaching course that will give you absolute CLARITY and tell you exactly what you need to feel more like you again!

Create your very own personalised healing roadmap today!

βœ” 4 short (30 minute) videos

βœ”  a downloadable workbook

βœ” Imagine feeling CALMER & CONFIDENT about what the next step is for you! I can almost here you sigh with relief. You've got this Lovely Wildheart!

Let's take a look inside ...

Lisa Parkes

Lisa Parkes is an Intuitive, HSP Educator & Writer who inspires Wildhearts to honour their sensitive nature…without the nagging self-doubt and anxiety. She began coaching children in 2010, and what started out as a creative passion project, and an unconscious desire to be the person she needed growing up, turned into a catalyst for her own healing. Lisa now works with women, helping them to get back in touch with their playfulness, creativity, and find inner peace as they break free from generational patterns of conditioning. She loves to journal with tarot cards and is the author of 'Stuck Between Two Worlds'. You're most likely to find her dancing around her kitchen, talking about astrology, energy, spirit guides, or planning her next adventure. You can find Lisa on Instagram @lisawildheart or on the interwebs