Self Love Starts Here!

Learn what self-love actually means for you and uncover your blocks to receiving more self-love.

Hi I'm Lisa. I was born on Valentine's Day. I am on a mission to put more LOVE in the world.  

More love for YOU + more love for ME!

For years, I ignored and neglected myself. This is 2008 me hungover in Las Vegas.

I was like Bridget Jones scrutinising my weight every day. I HATED my body and was caught up in a cycle of binge eating and restricting calories by smoking. 

I looked for love in all the WRONG places, and found myself in toxic situation-ships. I was so hard on myself and expected PERFECTION.

I would go along to get along, AFRAID to ask for what I wanted. Sometimes, I didn't even know what I wanted. I said yes when I meant NO. I didn't want to rock the boat or make a fuss. I put everybody and everything before myself.

I was exhausted from feeling stuck in patterns overgiving, overfunctioning and PEOPLE PLEASING.

Nothing changed..until I went to therapy and learnt that I didn't really know what love was. 

Have you ever wondered if it's possible to love yourself?
 Do you know how lovable, strong & capable you are?
If you've forgotten, then maybe it's time to find out what's holding you back.
You deserve all the LOVE ...

This mini course for highly sensitive souls explores what love actually is and how you can be open to receiving more LOVE in just 3 simple steps. 

Here's what you'll learn inside

1 - How to open your heart and connect to love.

2 - Find out exactly what love actually means to you.

3 - Uncover your blocks to self-love.

Other Wildhearts who are choosing SELF-LOVE!

Meeting myself with love at last!

"The minute I signed up and did something just for me, was the moment my life changed for the BETTER. Lisa is an angel. I’ve got my life back. I have a much clearer sense of who I really am. I am showing myself love in all these little ways that make such a BIG difference to how I feel about myself. Thank you!"

A Wise & Empowered 


WOW! Subtle but powerful hotline to the answers!

 "This has been the much-needed off switch for my brain. It hasn’t just REDUCED MY ANXIETY, but it’s also given me a direct hotline to all the answers. I feel so much lighter. Incredible Lisa! I want to keep journaling. I'd love to do it all again!"

A Less Anxious


A helpful reminder of what matters most!

"This was really cool. I got a lot of insight from this course. It gave me space to think and understand myself. Lots of helpful reminders how self-love is easily forgotten in the busyness of life. I loved the cards and messages. Thank you!"

Leah K. 


I loved it! The answers came easily.

"Super helpful. I loved this much more than I expected. I haven't journaled in this way before. I usually don't know what to write or say, but the answers came easily. It is easy to love others, yet I'm so hard on myself. This workshop gave me STRENGTH, inspiration and reassurance. Thanks!"

Mya T.


Self-Love Starts
Here includes:

Immediate access to this mini course
❤ 4 bite-sized video lessons that you can watch in just under an hour
Journaling pages & reflection questions that will give you clarity
❤ an invitation to my private Facebook group where you can meet other like-minded souls and ask questions about this course