Smiley's Ultimate Feel Good Bundle

Feel as good as you can as often as possible!

"We’ve stuck our happy place on our bedroom door to remind us to go there when we wake up....... We used our Buddha Belly breathing on a visit to the dentist……we used ours for car sickness on a long journey.... Thank you Lisa. We’ve loved this. Everything you do gives me a moment to reflect and ground myself.... I have become a better Mum since meeting you. Yes I slip sometimes, but I try. I am a lot prouder of my children and I don’t get embarrassed by emotions. I allow them to happen. We talk about them more.... We’ve learnt that it’s OK to be angry and why it can sometimes feel so strong….and that’s OK too. I feel I can deal with that now.... I like your idea that other people’s feelings can stick to you like Velcro and now we know how to stop catching other people’s feelings which will come in very handy at school.”
Happy Wildhearts Everywhere 

 "I don't even know how it works but I feel more positive. I woke up one day and I felt different. It's magic!  Thank you for teaching me the breathing techniques. I used them when I was nervous about taking my ballet exam and it worked."
Eve, aged 12

"If you have a child that can have explosive outbursts, and you’re finding it hard to deal with, this course is for you. This course was brilliant as it helped me to understand my child better. My child was behaving poorly, was very angry and I was finding it incredibly hard to deal with the behaviour. This course helped me understand where the anger was coming from which meant my approach to helping manage it completely changed. As a result, we live in a much calmer environment and everyone in the family is much happier. This course was great because I could fit it in around other things, could do more or less if we were in an intense period and I could go back to remind myself of what had gone before. I have no hesitation in highly recommending this course." 
Caroline, Mum to Freddie 

 “When we were walking to school today, Poppy was telling me that she wasn’t looking forward to her PE lesson.  Then she gave me a big smile and said ‘Actually, I think I will just zip up my power suit!’ Thought you would like to hear that Lisa.  Thanks – it has lasting results.” 
Kerry, Woking

Who is it for?

Recommended Age

Children age 7-10 years.

Emotional Meltdowns

You're struggling to regulate your emotions and they are coming out sideways.

Can't Sleep, Restless or Anxious

You cannot find stillness or peace in your body.

Overwhelmed & Stressed 

You're struggling with busy routines, change or school.


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