Smiley's Ultimate Feel Good Bundle

Make sense of your anxiety & anger. Discover practical ways to soothe those feelings, so you can feel more like yourself again!

Warning: the contents of this bundle will make you feel good! if you want to stay worried, sad and mad, then it's not for you my friend!

Calling all Parents of Wildhearts!!

Do you wish your beautiful strong-willed sensitive child:

... knew how to tap into their inner calm when life turns stormy?
... could learn to soothe their icky feelings when you're not there?
... was not afraid of their feelings and was more confident about how to be with them?

Do you wish you knew how to help them bounce back on days where they get sad, mad or anxious?

Wildhearts are deeply sensitive and they feel the world through their hearts (even though sometimes they don't always show it!). So, it stands to reason that sometimes, they need a little help with that. It's okay because it's the beauty of them and we don't want them growing up pushing away or ignoring that very important part of them. It's what makes them the kind-hearted souls that they are. 

Wildhearts are much more CONFIDENT and COMFORTABLE in their own skins when they...

- understand how their mind and body are connected
- learn how their feelings work and are there to help them
- realise that their sensitivity is actually a super power
- accept that all their feelings are okay and neither 'good' nor 'bad'
- tune in and listen to their feelings - they can keep themselves safe and enjoy life a lot more!

In fact, Wildhearts really shine when they understand their emotional selves more. And when you get involved and understand what they need emotionally, they feel loved and seen for who they are (and not like a 'difficult ' or 'different ' child who isn't like other members of the family!).

Are you exhausted and running out of patience?

It is super exhausting when life is fraught with emotion. Sensitive children are very in tune with their environment and they often pick up on other people's feelings and what is going on around them. Their emotional backpacks get full up pretty quickly and if they are not tended to, can explode without warning. 

Wildhearts can also be quite feisty too, but we really don't want them to lose that determination and gumption. We need that to get on in life. Especially if they are here to teach or to campaign or use their strong will for good. Lots of them can become great leaders!

So....maybe it just needs a little tweek and redirection!

Like most things: it's easy when you know how!

Anything is possible if you're willing to try and do it differently.
I'm going to show you how! Step by step with fun and practical Smiley coaching tools! We're going to strengthen your child's emotional resilience!

But sometimes even I can't do that for them Smiley!

That's because you're not supposed to! Phew! I get it - it's frustrating when you can't help them or nothing seems to soothe them. Instead, your job is to take care of your own feelings - I'll show you how to do that too. Then your child can take care of their own. They need to learn to be in their bodies and how to do it for themselves. Truth be told: If you keep on fixing, rescuing and distracting them from their feelings, then you'll be doing them a massive disservice. They won't know how to deal with them when you're not there. And that's really not very fair on them is it? It's something they have to learn for themselves.

Let me show you how, with this fun & engaging coaching bundle!

You'll get 3 of my coaching packs jam packed with super Smiley coaching goodies to help your Wildheart feel GOOD and CONFIDENT about themselves. And on the days when they struggle (just like we all do), the stuff they learn in here will help them bounce back and find their balance again.

You might not use all of them, and maybe some of them will work better than others but it's good to have a choice and to let your child explore and enjoy working out what is right for them.

How to Tame Your Angry Dragon - this isn't just about anger, although it will help you understand that more and has some easy, practical tools for calming down. This is also about all the softer feelings that sit underneath anger which are quite hard to get in touch with. Lots of people don't realise that anger usually masks anxiety, sadness, disappointment, fear and all those softer feelings which hurt. 

Smiley's Sweet Dreams Pack - this is a must have for living in a busy world where we never seem to have enough time. STOP! Take a breath! Learning to go quiet, RELAX and be with ourselves is such a valuable life skill, but not only will this pack teach you to find your inner calm, it will also help you to dissolve a lot of the feelings you carry and help you with your worries. 

You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile - this is a quick and easy 5-step maintenance programme, so your Wildheart can keep in touch with their feelings without getting overwhelmed. Just like you take care of your body with sleep, exercise and healthy foods, this is how you take care of your mental and emotional wellbeing. All you need is to prioritise this and spend 10-15 minutes a day to cultivate your inner smile. 

What's inside these 3 packs and why are they so powerful?
SCROLL DOWN to find out exactly what is inside these three power packs!

They give you exactly what your Wildheart needs to dissolve, understand, process and manage all their feelings.  
For 10 years, I've coached hundreds of children overcome their fears and make peace with themselves. I love to see their happy faces when they realise that what they are going through is not 'wrong' or 'bad '. It's just called being a strong-willed, sensitive Wildheart, in a crazy busy world. I see patterns in my work and I know what children need to help them. I can give them what they need to lift them up and tap into their strengths. I see how they are struggling to cope in their environments, what they need to hear and what they need to help them return to balance. 

Your child will want to take responsibility for their own wellbeing when they have the tools to empower them to change the way they feel!

Lisa Parkes

Often called The Smiley Coach, Lisa Parkes is an Intuitive Teacher, Healer & Mentor who works with children aged 7 up. Lisa gives them life skills and practical coping strategies for life's hiccups. She has helped hundreds of children become self-aware and develop a positive outlook on life; beating their fears, worries and stresses about homework, exams, friendship struggles, bullying, nerves and anxiety to name but a few. Lisa is passionate about helping children feel great from the inside out and she connects to children with her very popular Truly Madly Smiley Podcast. Her private coaching sessions help children develop self-belief, positive thinking and most of all: find their own way without judgement in a safe and trusted environment. Lisa is also the author of 'Stuck Between Two Worlds' and creator of Smiley Thought Cards; positive affirmations which encourage emotional intelligence and connect families with love. 

"If you have a child that can have explosive outbursts, and you’re finding it hard to deal with, this course is for you. This course was brilliant as it helped me to understand my child better. My child was behaving poorly, was very angry and I was finding it incredibly hard to deal with the behaviour. This course helped me understand where the anger was coming from which meant my approach to helping manage it completely changed. As a result, we live in a much calmer environment and everyone in the family is much happier. This course was great because I could fit it in around other things, could do more or less if we were in an intense period and I could go back to remind myself of what had gone before. I have no hesitation in highly recommending this course."  Caroline, Mum to Freddie 

 "I don't even know how it works but I feel more positive. I woke up one day and I felt different. It's magic!  Thank you for teaching me the breathing techniques. I used them when I was nervous about taking my ballet exam and it worked."  Eve, aged 12

“When we were walking to school today, Poppy was telling me that she wasn’t looking forward to her PE lesson.  Then she gave me a big smile and said ‘Actually, I think I will just zip up my power suit!’ Thought you would like to hear that Lisa.  Thanks – it has lasting results.”  Kerry, Woking

The following courses are included in this bundle (worth £150):

"We’ve stuck our happy place on our bedroom door to remind us to go there when we wake up....... We used our Buddha Belly breathing on a visit to the dentist……we used ours for car sickness on a long journey.... Thank you Lisa. We’ve loved this. Everything you do gives me a moment to reflect and ground myself.... I have become a better Mum since meeting you. Yes I slip sometimes, but I try. I am a lot prouder of my children and I don’t get embarrassed by emotions. I allow them to happen. We talk about them more.... We’ve learnt that it’s OK to be angry and why it can sometimes feel so strong….and that’s OK too. I feel I can deal with that now.... I like your idea that other people’s feelings can stick to you like Velcro and now we know how to stop catching other people’s feelings which will come in very handy at school.”
Happy Wildhearts Everywhere

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