Activate your Inner Smile

Develop a growth mindset & think smiley in 5 easy steps

The easy way to tip top emotional health!

You keep meaning to prioritise your emotional and mental health but it always falls to the bottom of the list. How on earth will you integrate it into your existing routine? You're so busy, you wonder if there is a Smiley life hack to make it easy and fun. Of course there is....step this way!

5 small steps to your smiley self!

Take 10 minutes out of your busy day and take care of you. With consistent repeated action over time, you will discover the happiness that already lives inside of you.

Fits into your busy life.

Alone or with your friends and family. In the classroom, the playground, on the way to school or some quiet time in your bedroom. Style it out your way and make it work for you.

How taking care of yourself with this daily practice will help you feel good.

We're going to learn essential life skills to help you take care of your mind, body and soul. Learning how to do this now, means you're going to be really good at it when you're older. You're being super responsible, and showing your future self a lot of kindness and self-respect.

Growth Mindset

Become the boss of your worries and negative thoughts. Learn to notice the good stuff that is all around you.   

Go Within & Listen

Learn to go within & pay attention.Tune out from the busy world and grow more confident about what feels right for you. 

Is it for you?

The recommended age range for this pack is age 6 -11 but if you're doing it in a group with different ages, you can all learn from each other. That makes it more fun! Can you see yourself in here?

Creative Imaginative

children who

have rich inner worlds and curious minds that love to learn.

Introverted Intuitive

children who

need quiet time out from the busy world to introspect.

Stressed Upset

children who

are overwhelmed by their feelings and have daily meltdowns.

Worried Depressed

children who 

Overthink, worry and wish they could switch off their busy brains .

What do you need to get started?

Attitude is Everything!

An open mind and willling heart that is ready to take action. 

10 minutes a day

Carve out special time in your day and make these minutes count.

Something to write with

What you track improves, so be sure to write down what you do every day. 

Techie Stuff

Any screen with a wifi connection.

"We’ve stuck our happy place on our bedroom door to remind us to go there when we wake up.”

“We used our Buddha Breathing on a visit to the dentist……we used ours for car sickness on a long journey.”

“Thank you Lisa. We’ve loved this. Everything you do gives me a moment to reflect and ground myself.”

“I have become a better Mum since meeting you. Yes I slip sometimes, but I try. I am a lot prouder of my children and I don’t get embarrassed by emotions. I allow them to happen. We talk about them more.”

“We’ve learnt that it’s OK to be angry and why it can sometimes feel so strong….and that’s OK too. I feel I can deal with that now.”

“I like your idea that other people’s feelings can stick to you like velcro and now we know how to stop catching other people’s feelings which will come in very handy at school.” 


Course Curriculum


Feel HAPPY from the inside out now!

Have fun learning with Smiley her easy 5-step process so you can activate your inner smile instantly! Let's get our happy on.

You're Never Fully Dressed 
Without a Smile