The Wildheart Diaries Pretty Printable Podcast Notepad

Swap the time spent lost in overwhelm, self-doubt and confusion for inspiration & clarity.

Are you willing to swap half the time you waste lost in overwhelm, self-doubt & confusion for inspiration and clarity?

Download your FREE pretty printable podcast notepad today! Inside you’ll find journal prompts with space to scribble and get clear on what you want. It’s your perfect listening companion for my podcast, The Wildheart Diaries.You’ll learn everything you need to know as a sensitive soul determined to get her sparkle back! 

I started The Wildheart Diaries, a healing podcast for brave souls, sensitives and spiritual detectives, to share discoveries from my healing journey. Getting my thoughts on paper helps me stay focussed, and significantly reduces stress and anxiety. It's a form of release or therapy for whatever I'm feeling.

What's inside?

This is a digital download that you can print as many times as you need. No physical product will be sent.

Lisa Parkes

Lisa Parkes is an Intuitive Healer & Mentor who helps Wildhearts honour their sensitive naturewithout the nagging self-doubt and anxiety. She began coaching children in 2010, and what started out as a creative passion project, and an unconscious desire to be the person she needed growing up, turned into a catalyst for her own healing. Lisa now works with women, helping them to get back in touch with their playfulness, creativity, and find inner peace as they break free from generational patterns of conditioning. She loves to journal with tarot cards and is the author of 'Stuck Between Two Worlds'. You're most likely to find her dancing around her kitchen, talking about astrology, energy, spirit guides, or planning her next adventure. You can find Lisa on Instagram @lisawildheart or on the interwebs