Unlock Your Magic

Get your sparkle back! The quick, easy way to free yourself from anxiety, confusion & self-doubt.

You are smart, considerate and kind. 
Your life is busy, complex and fast paced.
  …and sometimes you lose yourself, forget what’s important to you and end up confused, overwhelmed & frustrated. As your mind races, you overthink and wish you could find the off switch for your brain. If only there was a way to reconnect to your truth and get the answers you want quickly. 

Unlock your Magic is a downloadable journal that will help you free your mind from overwhelm, confusion and self-doubt, so you can get your sparkle back! Turn down the volume on your noisy mind and tune into your intuition. 

This is not me giving you the answers, but finding the answers that are right for you. This is for you if: 

* you have general anxiety, often get flooded with overwhelm and doubt yourself
* you find sitting still or meditating something that you keep putting off and never get around to
* you have a brutal inner critic that is cruel and demanding 
* you find yourself quickly spiralling and catastrophising (thinking the worst), when things don't go according to plan
* you enjoy journaling and are looking for a new technique that keeps you centred and connected
* you'd like to start a daily journaling practice but aren't sure what to write
* you are tarot-oracle-card-curious and would like to explore or strengthen your intuitive gifts

It's in pdf format so you can print it off and write on it as many times as you need, or you can upload it to your iPad and use it with an app like Goodnotes. No physical product will be sent.

Inside this 30-page journal you'll find:

* my daily journal practice that gets me out of my head and into my heart
* card spreads and other journal prompts
* links to online card decks (if you don't have a deck of your own)
* a list of my favourite card decks for beginners
* lots of space for you to reflect and journal your heart out
* bonus 60-minute journaling workshop to dissolve your anxiety and confusion

This journal comes as a FREE bonus 
when you book an intuitive coaching session with me.

Learn my quick & easy journaling technique to free yourself from anxiety, confusion & self doubt!

Lisa Parkes

Lisa Parkes is an Intuitive Life Coach & Writer who helps Wildhearts honour their sensitive naturewithout the nagging self-doubt and anxiety. She began coaching children in 2010, and what started out as a creative passion project, and an unconscious desire to be the person she needed growing up, turned into a catalyst for her own healing. Lisa now works with women, helping them to get back in touch with their playfulness, creativity, and find inner peace as they break free from generational patterns of conditioning. She loves to journal with tarot cards and is the author of 'Stuck Between Two Worlds'. You're most likely to find her dancing around her kitchen, talking about astrology, energy, spirit guides, or planning her next adventure. You can find Lisa on Instagram @lisawildheart or on the interwebs www.smileyforlife.com