Truly Madly Smiley

Smiley's Simple Guide to Making Emotional Wellbeing Matter

Want to find your own brand of happy?

My dream is to help as many children as possible grow up 
feeling HAPPY from the inside out. 

Do you like listening to audio stories or radio shows? Are you curious and are searching for answers to all the tricky parts of life?

I don't blame you. They don't teach you this stuff at school. It would really help make growing up easier wouldn't it? If you knew more about ...  

- anxiety and worries
- anger and sadness
- friendship fallouts and frenemies
- feeling lonely or like nobody likes you
- not being able to sleep
- homework and shouty teachers
- not liking school and bullies
- taking care of your emotional health
- being mindful of your screen time

I've got the perfect solution just for you. It's called 'The Truly Madly Smiley Podcast!
To help get you started, I've put together this super fun activity book.



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Makes life easier for busy parents who want to do the right thing!

This really helps my child and when I see them happy and confident, I am happy too. It takes the pressure off all the stressful things in our daily life and not only does it make my daughter feel better but it gives her practical ways to empower her to cope. Growing up isn't easy but this definitely smoothes the way and teaches them important life skills that they don't always learn at school. Thank you for your wonderful podcast.

3 years ago

 "Your podcast has done her the world of good! My daughter listens to it in bed and in the car on the way to school. She is much happier now – a different child in many ways. She loves the episode about tricky friendships - that’s her favourite. She often asks me: "Is there a new Smiley podcast yet?" When will there be another one?!” I’ve been recommending them to everybody, they’re brilliant!" 

 "This podcast is amazing. The content is useful - many times I found myself thinking: ”Ooh, what a GOOD idea!” The tone and pace is child friendly, engaging + easy to listen to. It has helped our daughter fall asleep so easily + more happily than she has for months. I don’t think I can over exaggerate the positive influence this has on our daughter, and our whole family.