How to Really Listen with Love

Become Your Child's Emotion Coach: An easy but powerful way to grow your child's emotional resilience

Sick of repeating yourself?
I hear you! 
There is nothing worse than not being heard.
Or feeling misunderstood or worse still: ignored.

We underestimate the power of listening
To be seen and heard is very important for children. Listening when it's done right is truly transformational and healing.

Actively listening for a decade
 Listening in a Smiley way is how I create rapport (connection) with my clients.

* Listening with your body, mind and soul.
* Listening without waiting for your turn to speak.
* Listening to what's not being said.


Getting comfortable with the silence
Being in the silence with somebody you love who is metaphorically holding your hand through your thoughts and feelings is like magic.

Listening is not responding and sometimes there isn't anything to say. There is something to be or to learn or to feel.
Children cannot always express their thoughts and feelings in a way that we understand so let's have a look at that together and see how you can become a safe space for them to share, reflect and figure it out for themselves.

listening with heart

In this mini training, you and I will do a little Smiley coaching together to integrate what us coaches call 'active listening' into your communication repertoire. It's so powerful.

The more you listen, the more you will notice the positive impact it has on your child - they will even be more co-operative! 

"Listen with Love"

~ learn useful listening techniques
~what to say & what not to say
~ when to talk & when to listen
~ creating a safe space for sharing & problem solving
~ examine your obstacles to truly listening

for reflection journaling

~ thought provoking questions about your relationships 
~ additional reading recommendations & resources
~ a super helpful list of useful words & phrases

~ a quick and easy Smiley technique for returning to calm when you lose it (because I know this happens when you feel like people are ignoring you or you've had to ask 10 times).

"Family Love Languages"

45 minutes of Smiley coaching where you and your child will have fun learning about what love looks like specifically for your family (every family is different), so you can listen with love in a way that works for you.  

is it for me?

- you feel unheard or frustrated
- you feel as if your child isn't co-operating
- you rush in and fix what your child is struggling with
- you want to help your child become more emotional resilient
- your child is finding it hard to share
- your child is struggling to be accountable or tell the truth
- your child is struggling & is stuck
- you want to improve all your relationships
- you don't know how to respond to your child's emotional outbursts
- you project your fears onto situations involving your child
- your child as unable to deal with situations without you

"Lisa it's brilliant ! You are a true star whose message should be out there loud and proud! It was lovely to have some teaching that makes sense. This is particularly powerful with easy actionable points to follow. As a purchaser of many online courses, I find it really annoying when people tell you all about what you are doing (usually badly/wrong) without giving you steps to correct this or improve. We need the 'how to solve it' bit too. This is easy to digest information, makes useful self observations and ways to improve. Please write more courses, kids need you to teach their parents. It doesn't come naturally to everybody."

Become Your Child's Emotion Coach!
An easy but powerful way to grow your child's emotional resilience.

Listen with Love

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