Family Boredom Buster for when it all gets too much!

Ditch the drama, squabbles & boredom battles to create a harmonious family life that lasts.

Course Summary

Is this the sound of family time in your house? 

Mum! I'm bored!.......Mum! I want to sit in the front.......

Mum! Can I have another go on my iPad?.......Mum! I want an ice cream!....Mum!

She's taken my pen!.......Mum! It's my turn to watch what I want!

You either want to change your name or run far far away for some peace and quiet.

To be honest, just reading it gives me a headache! It's quite triggering. 

Having family time together is meant to be about taking a break, having a bit of down time or getting away from day to day life to regroup.

I don’t know about in your house BUT they never quite look like those glossy media images of families skipping through fields of daisies on a picnic whilst smiling crazily at each other like they've overdosed on Vitamin D.

The REALITY: Family time or when the children are not at school, can be fraught with ...

- juggling the social diary like a PA and providing a free taxi service so everybody gets to do what they want (except're bottom of the bl**dy list again!)
- feeling guilty if you're at work or wanting some time to yourself
- the pressure to make everything memorable and special for everybody
- relentless demands for more of something - sugar, you, screens, toys or days out (or whatever somebody else is having that you haven't got yet!)
- relentless whiny and whinging if those demands aren't met - ear plugs anybody?!
- late bedtimes which means less grown up time for you (which you need in order to be a happy person and you totally DESERVE) 

    WRONG! You just need a different approach.

    I’ve got the perfect solution to help you with that.

    I want to help you because we can all get stuck in a rut or this is how it's always been and you don't know where to begin trying it a different way. That feels like it's too much - too much like hard work. Just because everybody else is on-board with this busy approach, doesn't mean you have to be too. You DON'T have to buy into that craziness. Nor do your kids.

    .......BUT seriously:  what could be more hard work than doing all of those things I've just mentioned?

    It takes a little time but is well worth it because it won’t just work for the duration of this will  work LONG-TERM!

    What are you going to do? 

    Are you going to:

    1) Focus your energy on learning how to experience a different way when you're together as a family (one where you don’t feel like you need another holiday afterwards to recover)


    2) Waste your energy fire-fighting through all the usual drama?

    Imagine being able to enjoy quality family time and not feel like you’ve been hit by a bus when it's time to go back to school. You'll be ready for it! Imagine being able to enjoy yourselves and have fun together.

    Not only does this FAMILY MEGA BUNDLE come with awesome coaching activities for your lovely family to do, learn and draw, it is the beginning of something new. A new routine. A new way of being.

    A way of being that makes life feel better. A new understanding of each other and what's required. You have the power to change that in your hand.

    How does it work?

    It's easy peasy with step by step instructions, videos and fun activities. I've taken the cream of the crop and made sure that you get exactly what you need to live in harmony with each other . Each workout is a 45-minute burst of Smiley coaching delivered as an interactive video with fun sheet for the whole family.

    And what could be easier than watching a video? Having a chat? Drawing some pictures (you don’t have to be Picasso)?

    Do you remember those movies you used to watch over and over when you were a kid?

    Not showing off, but I still know all the lines to...

    Muriel’s Wedding - - 'Perry, Mow the Lawn!'
    Pretty Woman - - 'You work on commision, right? Big mistake, huge!'
    Dumb and Dumber - - 'We got no food, we got no jobs... our pets' heads are falling off!!'

    Classics! That’s how we learn best don’t we?
    Having fun, when we’re relaxed. And REPETITION. We must have watched those videos (yes kids we had VHS machines in those days) hundreds of times. We laughed, we cried, we pressed rewind and did it all over again.

    Yes but what else will we get? ... 

    - You'll get insights watching the children interact with me on the video and pick up tips on how to support them. This is a UNIQUE experience and not something you will get elsewhere. Often we have our blinkers on in relationships and are too close to see the wood for the trees.

    - The activities and learnings in this pack will strengthen your inter-family relationships. It gives a different perspective, as well as QUALITY TIME to address your thoughts, feelings and behaviour as a TEAM. This is much more collaborative and nurturing than the child believing it is solely down to them.

      Yes but what will be different for our family? ...

      After you've finished this pack, you'll:

      - be able to cherish the good stuff and appreciate one another
      - be able to blast away boredom and learn how to use your free time wisely (instead of expecting your parents to be a children's entertainer)
      - love your own company and understand that playing by yourself doesn't have to be lonely
      - be fearless about taking a trip to wonky town because you'll know how to deal with the disappointment of last minute changes of plan or things not working out the way you'd hope they would
      - know how to deal with all the hyperness that the holidays can bring - too much sugar, screen time and excitement in one sitting
      - have a big toolkit of quick, easy and fun tools to dip into so you can really enjoy your down time and not worry
      - recognise the importance of having down time apart and together as a family
      - learn how to be patient with yourself and with each other when it matters most
      - be able to handle the whinging AND whining like a boss - you won't lose your mind (imagine that!)
      - be more mindful of getting along instead of squabbling and quarreling
      - reinforce respectful, loving and kind behaviour which will improve your inter-family relationships and help you all to feel happier
      - use your family time to recreate new healthy habits that over time will become part of the furniture

      Special Bonus Feature ...

      I've also added in my favourite Bedtime Relaxation as a SPECIAL BONUS which is an 18 minute rainbow spectacle so you can learn to be still in your body whenever you need to and for those of you who struggle to get to sleep.

      Course Curriculum

      Lisa Parkes

      Often called The Smiley Coach, Lisa Parkes is an Intuitive Teacher, Healer & Mentor who works with children aged 7 up. Lisa gives them life skills and practical coping strategies for life's hiccups. She has helped hundreds of children become self-aware and develop a positive outlook on life; beating their fears, worries and stresses about homework, exams, friendship struggles, bullying, nerves and anxiety to name but a few. Lisa is passionate about helping children feel great from the inside out and she connects to children with her very popular Truly Madly Smiley Podcast. Her private coaching sessions help children develop self-belief, positive thinking and most of all: find their own way without judgement in a safe and trusted environment. Lisa is also the author of 'Stuck Between Two Worlds' and creator of Smiley Thought Cards; positive affirmations which encourage emotional intelligence and connect families with love. 

      “My eldest has made great progress, the meltdowns that he was experiencing almost daily at one point are now very rare, and he even referred to his bedroom as his ’Happiness Room’ at the weekend which left me speechless.I don't know if you remember but this was always where he would retreat when feeling angry.”

      “My son enjoys watching by himself with his headphones on. He wrote pages the other day, and I was gobsmacked. Usually, he keeps his feelings to himself and it sparked a conversation with a difficulty he is having in the classroom.”

      “Beforehand, my youngest who is 7, said he didn’t want to do it. He was adamant he wouldn’t join in and pushed away the worksheet when I tried to give him it. So it was AMAZING to see how much he got out of the session. However, he joined in very quickly and when you referred to the worksheet at the end he couldn’t wait to fill it in.”

      Is it time for a fresh start?

      Ditch the drama, squabbles & boredom battles to create a harmonious family life that lasts.

      Family Mega Bundle