Be Your Own Best Friend

Learn to value yourself enough & like who you are, so you can enjoy healthy balanced friendships that bring out the best in you!

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      Lisa is kind and I trust her. She made us laugh and we had fun doing lots of activities. At first, I didn't want to do it, as I thought I was different to have been chosen, but now I'm glad I came and stuck it out. I know it's OK now to be different and be myself. I feel much happier with myself and have learnt how to trust more. Thank you for everything you have really helped me. Hope we see you again soon!

      Georgia, aged 12

      Growing up in this challenging world can be tough for kids. Lisa is a guiding light in all the confusion, arming kids with the tools they need to navigate it. She was born to do this work and I am so glad that she was recommended to me and my family. Thanks Lisa xx

      Paula MacArthur