Back to School Confidence

Easy & practical ways to dissolve stress and worry around school (and not keep wishing it was the weekend!)

Imagine going to school with confidence, determination and a smile!

The new school term can be a fresh start and a time to do it differently! This pack helps make the transition from the holidays or weekend back to the classroom. It's  also a fab resource for supporting chllenges and change around the learning environment.

“I purchased your Back to School Confidence Pack for my 10 year old son who has a great deal of anxiety around school. It really has worked wonders. He now has the tools to reason with and help himself. For the first time in 2 years he has happily returned to school, and NO tears! He’s proud of himself too, as he can see that he can do it without a huge upset. As a family, we reached a very significant milestone today and it’s down to this pack. That may sound very dramatic, but this issue hangs over us every return to school and affects us all. It was so nice to have a calm return to school for him. Thank you so very much!”

Let's look at what makes school stressful:
- scary or strict teachers
- not being able to speak up in class
- fear of being late or being told off
- pressure of school work or exams
- struggling to stay focussed
- afraid of making mistakes or failure
- feeling lonely or being bullied

This course is for you if you:
- worry about school a lot 
- get Sunday night blues
- are angry about homework
- are nervous about tests and exams
- get anxiety being away from home
- are refusing to go to school
- have lost your love of learning
- are changing schools 

The buzz word for emotional resilience is called having a ‘growth mindset’.

We sometimes forget that children are hardwired to struggle and the more we allow them to, the more they can bounce back from life’s challenges. Guess what? That's where I come in!  

Master a Confident Mindset around School

This powerful little pack teaches how to create a growth mindset to manage school stress. You will also have fun learning  how to:

- feel safe at school
- nail those first day nerves and wobbles
- cope with the pressure of homework
- be less worried about getting told off
- ditch the drama and cope with the uncomfortable feelings that school brings up for them

Course Curriculum

"It’s the start of year 9 for us tomorrow and I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how we are getting on. Last night, my daughter wrote a list of things to remember for the morning and she stuck it on the front door. I didn’t read it until this morning, but it said: ‘Governor letter, bus money, lunch money, dance kit, happy thoughts!’ The last bit gave me a lump in my throat as I wanted you to know the difference you made and it’s still there a year later. Thank you!" Mandy, Staines 

"Thank you so much. We have our happy boy back! We all feel so much better and we can use the approaches we have. I think his confidence will help to get him through. What you do is super important to all the children you help and their families. Thank you for being Smiley Lisa!" Mel, Farnham



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Susan Watthey

Bringing confidence back...

My daughter has loved listening and watching your podcasts and videos and has watched and listened to some of them numerous times. We both particularly love the relaxation podcast. I made her a 'Morning Checklist' based on yours, and included 'zip up your energy' and 'courage, peace and joy'. She's got this displayed in her room and in the kitchen (though I have to say it was such a rush this morning, I'm not sure she even remembered to look at it - but perhaps that's a good sign?!) After the first day back at school, she declared that it was the "best day ever". Surely a testament to Lisa's techniques - thank you. Highly recommended.

3 years ago

From Worried to Confident!

Give your child the practical tools to handle the stress of all school related worries and strengthen emotional resilience.